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"Great workshop! Really informative with reachable goals." Participant



At Value Creators we help you and your business to manage and navigate successful change. Our range
of programs will help you define and develop skills to manage change and deliver improved organisational culture and profit.

Our programs target value creation for people, business and across whole industry sectors.

Our People Programs are all about personal growth no matter where you are at in your life and work - just starting out and needing to kick start your career, or early career people and recent graduates looking to consolidate the skills for a desired future, or for those looking to leap into the next horizon whatever that might be.

Our Business Programs are for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and established businesses looking to grow and transform to a whole new level. Its important not to diversify without a considered approach. We can help you with business evaluation, pre-feasibility studies, new product development, planning for investment and new market identification and prioritisation.

Our highly sought after Business Growth Hub brings together inspirational leaders in an intimate group to share wisdom, solve complex business problems and navigate change.

Our Industry Programs are unique as all the Value Creators programs link people and business growth that directly translates into long term industry benefits. We create the space and opportunity to bring together industry participants to focus on collaboration and growth.

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