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Frequently asked questions

What are Value Creators programs about and how do I find out more?

All Value Creators Programs are designed to help people thrive and organisations flourish. Visit the links on our website for more information about each dynamic Value Creators program.

Can anyone do the programs?

There are no limits on who can attend Value Creators programs. Contact us for more information and we can help select the best program for you and / or your team.

Are Value Creators People Programs delivered internally at my business for my team members?

Yes of course. We can deliver as private programs at your business premises or off-site which can be beneficial for your team to focus and step out of the daily grind.

Are Value Creators Business Growth Programs delivered internally for my business?

Yes of course. We are honoured to work privately to tailor our programs to your needs. We can provide both group and one-on-one mentoring for team members with experienced mentors.

How many people are in a Business Growth Hub?

Each dynamic Value Creators Business Growth Hub has a maximum of ten. This is an ideal number for interactive learning and gives everyone the time to share.

What about privacy?

We respect your privacy and have a Code of Conduct that all participants must agree to.

How long does a Business Growth Hub session go for?

Our sessions run for three hours and at varying times to suit busy people - each group decides what time is best for them. They may be early morning, during the day or early evening.

How do I join one of the Business Growth Hubs?

Send us an email and we will provide all the details or give us a call if you would like to speak in person. We will request some additional information and take the time to match you with an appropriate Business Growth Hub and to ensure there is no conflict amongst members.